Let Us Answer The Questions That Create The Most Concern For You

Can I really afford a Financial Advisor?

Without good management, money that you earn cannot become wealth.

It is an area of life that needs to be planned otherwise daily occurrences will easily dissolve your funds. We will work with you to enhance your wealth in order to make sure you retire comfortably.

When can I access my Super?

In order to access your super you must first meet a Condition of Release.

Conditions of Release:

  • Has reached their preservation age and retires

  • Ceases an employment arrangement on or after the age of 60

  • Is 65years old (even if they haven't retired)

  • Are temporarily or permanently incapacitated

  • Have suffered severe financial hardship

I'm not sure if my partner will agree

Wealth creation plays a unique role in our lives. It affects our future and the future of those we love and care about. That is why we encourage our clients to attend our discovery call with anyone who helps them in making these important decisions.

How much money do I need before I can start investing?

Even starting with as little as $1,000  is something where you can have the opportunity to build it into a valuable nest egg for your future.

What is Preservation Age?

Preservation age is the age you need to turn, in order to access your Superannuation.

Preservation Age:

Date of Birth:

1 July 1963 –

30 June 1964 = Age 59

From 1 July 1964 = Age 60

What is the Super Tax Rate?

Money paid into your super account by your employer is taxed at 15%.

If your income and super contributions combined are more than $250,000p.a, you pay
Division 293 tax, an extra 15% on the whole amount. Essentially taking the tax rate to 30% overall.

From 1 July 2025 the new tax rate for balances over $3 million will be 30%.

I don't have the time to do this right now

When it comes to financial investment, there is no time like the present.

Also, when you work with us, it's our job to keep an eye on what is happening and provide you with the essential advice you need. You don't need to spend much time in the day to day activities at all.

Committed To Helping Our Clients Succeed

- Nick A 

Sam and the team at Green Street Wealth have helped us achieve financial freedom. With a young family, planning for our financial future was front of mind. Sam played a crucial role in planning and achieving our success. 

- Crystal T

Original and with an innate understanding of their client’s needs, the team at Green Street Wealth are always a pleasure to work with.

- Nick G

After having Sam K and the team at GSW handle my personal and family superannuation needs, I now refer all my clients to engage their significant expertise. Not only are the team extremely knowledgeable in their fields they offer a caring and personalized service. Highly Recommend!

- Candice K

I never had an interest in my finances other than my day to day bank account. Trying to understand Superannuation, Investments and Personal Insurances was just way too hard. Sam and the team at Green Street Wealth made it easy for me. Their patience and education were amazing and now I'm read financial books. My overall financial position has never looked better. 

Your Guide To Avoiding Life's Most Common Financial Black Holes -

These mistakes can affect your future forever!

This guide outlines some of the most important information that we help our clients with when it comes to advising them on good money practices that can serve them in keeping their money matters in good health, for now and for their future.

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